Hits today. Legends tomorrow.

Think long-term. Not years, but decades. Our furniture and accessories are built in the USA using high-quality wood, steel, and craftsmanship. In other words, they're built to last.

  • Storage
    Need a place to store your record collection? Our storage cabinets are up to the task.
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  • Hold
    Like a roadie at the ready, our sturdy accessories keep whatever you need right within reach.
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  • Sit
    Go ahead and lean on our legendary stools. We'll make beautiful music together.
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  • Work
    Get down, get funky, and get productive with our stylish work tables.
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Meet the family

We're all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but together we make up one Montisa family.

Zones to grow with your team

Our furniture is made to grow. Zones help create spaces for every occasion and work style. Mix and match, get it straight out of the box. These zones are created to inspire your own environment.

Find your zone

  • Collaboration
  • Team
  • Meeting
  • Vertical
  • Private
  • Quad
  • Open

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Inspire beyond the product

All of our products share their names with musicians that continue to inspire and influence many. We’ve curated a few playlists that celebrate these genres and artists.