A New Spin on Storage

A New Spin on Storage

Aug 15, 2019Product News

Sure, everybody’s keeping more information on the cloud these days. But we still need a place to store actual stuff when we’re at work. That may look like a traditional filing cabinet, but given the kinds of things we need to store and the kinds of places where we like to work, we knew it could also look a lot different.

So we asked our designers to rethink what storage could look like in the modern office. And we love the possibilities they came up with.

Goodbye, greige
There’s a time and place for neutrals, but give your storage a pop of color, and it instantly transforms from a wallflower to a statement piece. With 21 standard colors and custom capabilities to reflect your brand or just your culture, we have all the options you need to give storage a starring role in the room.

A place at the table
Storage doesn’t need to be relegated to the walls. Sometimes, it’s more efficient to build it into the center of the room, as demonstrated by our Gordon table here. By integrating storage into the base of team tables, you can keep personal items, reference books, or work materials within arm’s reach so you don’t have to leave the table or interrupt your train of thought. Choose from unlimited locker colors and a wide range of table top materials, and you can bring style and character to the workplace, too.

The perfect fit
You’ve heard the expression “a place for everything and everything in its place.” That’s the inspiration behind our many different shapes and sizes of storage furniture. A mix of doors, drawers, and open storage let you pick just the right kind of space to store your stuff, making efficient use of your space and keeping everything organized and secure.

What will your Montisa storage solution look like? Visit our collection and start planning.

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