Our furniture is built for the kind of people who believe in a job well done.


How can you get your office ready for work? It's simple: just B.Y.O.E.™ Our Build Your Own Environment program lets you pick the pieces you need to support the people you have and the kind of work they do, from a single, stand-alone product to a combination of pieces. It's a smart, efficient way to get what you need today, and add on easily whenever you're ready to grow.

Stick around with us

Think long-term. Not years, but decades. Our furniture is built in the USA using high-quality wood, steel, and craftsmanship. In other words, it's built to last.

Come back for more

Whether you're a small startup, a large organization, or somewhere in between, our timeless, modular designs make it easy to add people or rearrange spaces to keep supporting your work as you grow.

  1. PT Stand keeps your phone handy for calls or texts.
  2. M Stand boosts your monitor to eye-height and adds desktop storage.
  3. D Caddy stashes your coat, purse, computer bag, or backpack for the day.
  4. D File organizes important files within arm's reach while you work.

It's all about you

Everyone has their own preferred setup at work, but this one is built around you. Start with the basics, then add the accessories you want to keep your tools handy and make everyday activities easier.

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Quality is timeless

We've been around since 1906, when we designed our classic steel-legged milking stool. Our product line has come a long way since those days, but we still put our trust in solid materials and workmanship, and it's safe to say you can do the same.

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Whether you're a client or an employee, we want you on our team. That's why we treat you the way we'd want to be treated ourselves, with kindness, generosity, and a bend-over-backwards commitment baked into everything we do.

Have an idea, a question, or just want to chat? Reach out – we're all ears.

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